Here is my complete collection of finished works, arranged by category and by date:

  1. The New King of London [Submitted January 7, 2017] –
    A boy witnesses the destruction of his city through a sudden nuclear attack, and records his experiences at its sole remaining survivor.
  2. “Geraldine” Atkins – [Submitted January 10, 2017] –
    Just who is the mysterious “Geraldine” Atkins, what is his motive for kidnapping a teenage girl, and what is his story?
  3. The Death of P.C Norman Blake [Submitted January 11, 2017]
    This story recounts the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of PC Norman Blake, who worked for London Metropolitan Police. Was his death murder, or was it justified?
  4. “He That Judgeth Me Is the Lord”[Submitted January 13, 2017]
    A young charity worker, struggling to cope with the sad death of the girl he loved so dearly, turns to God for help.